Friday Funny Sign — Aged and Aged Quite Well, I Might Add

© Stephanie Glaser

When I first saw this sign in Adelaide, Australia, it caught my attention since we don’t have signs like this identifying the elderly in the US, or at least I’ve never seen one. The funny thing to me is that the two figures have aged quite well, indeed!

They look quite spry — just as they did when they were school kids. Although the books must be too heavy for them now — or perhaps they read using their I-Phones or Kindles.

© Stephanie Glaser

In fact, a conversation between the two may go something like this:

Arthur: Oh Agnes, remember the good old days when we walked to school.

Agnes: Of course, my love, I remember you escorted me across the street even in those days.

Arthur: Yes, dear, I was always hoping to hold your hand.

Agnes: That’s lovely, Arthur, but why didn’t you ever hold my books for me?

Arthur: Uh,,,I don’t know. Well, I’ll hold them for you now, my sweets.

Agnes: Typical. Now that we don’t carry books anymore, you actually offer! Well, you can hold my Kindle instead

Arthur: I’d be happy to, dear.

Agnes: Thank you, my love.

1 thought on “Friday Funny Sign — Aged and Aged Quite Well, I Might Add

  1. I never noticed that the figures don’t exactly look “old” … maybe they should be hunched over and walking with canes, or zooming along in one of those motorised scooters!

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