The Travel Ahh…Walking

© Stephanie Glaser 1989

On the move. Many of my travel photos share a theme of walking.  It’s such an ordinary action. However, I love scenes of people walking in towns, villages and cities. It shows people in motion and conveys a feeling of a vibrant place. Walking photos also can show a casual, laid back environment.

It’s always more interesting, in my opinion, to have locals (and many times tourists) walking by an iconic structure like the Eiffel Tower or a famous square in Budapest. My favorite photos are definitely of locals in towns or villages that perhaps don’t have as much fame as London, Paris, or Berlin. I took the photo above of a woman and young girl, presumably running errands, in Andalusia, Spain (I can’t remember the name of the town.) 

I’m reminded of this famous travel quote by philosopher Dagobert D Runes: “People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home.”  I wonder, then, if I’m being patronizing, but really, I like photos of people walking. I take many of my own family walking, too (much to their sometimes annoyance).

© Stephanie Glaser 2010

This is a woman hauling a box up a small hill in a Balinese village.

© Stephanie Glaser 1987

Two women shopping in Bern, Switzerland.

© Stephanie Glaser 1989

East Germans headed to a mall in East Berlin.

© Stephanie Glaser 1995

A woman on a stroll by a cafe in Budapest.

© Stephanie Glaser 1987

Tourists and business people on a busy London street.

© Stephanie Glaser 1987

People walking underneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

© Stephanie Glaser 1986

My parents, Judy and Ed Schuck, along with my sister Suzanne walking along a Paris street.

© Debbie Bacharach 1987

My friend Indira and I walking in Paris with Notre Dame in the distance.

© Stephanie Glaser 2010

My husband, Kurt, and my son, Eddie, walking along a street in Ubud, Bali.

© Stephanie Glaser 2010

Kurt, Kasey and Eddie walking on a bridge in Victor Habour, South Australia.

8 thoughts on “The Travel Ahh…Walking

  1. Steph, I recognized those Ubud streets right away. That’s a fun city to just observe as the ladies walking by with the canang sari offerings balanced on their heads.

    How fascinating it must have been visiting Berlin before the wall came down!

    • Thanks, Tricia — I was mesmerized by the Ubud streets and could have wandered for days. And, yes, I loved seeing the women with their expert balancing skills.

      Berlin was very fascinating. I’ll never forget getting off the train and seeing several soldiers armed with machine guns. The people were warm, welcoming and friendly, however. Thanks for checking the post out!

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