The Travel Ahh….Seeing Soccer in a Fútbol Nation

© Stephanie Glaser

Seeing a soccer game in Spain in 1995 was definitely the most cultural event I think I’ve experienced. And this was no ordinary game — it was Real Madrid vs. Barcelona (at Nou Camp Stadium in Barcelona.) We’re talking a MASSIVE game.

I’m the one who definitely scored. Maria, a Spanish friend of mine from college, hooked me up with a ticket to this game. It just so happens her father was the head cardiac surgeon at one of the main hospitals in Barcelona. He had just recently performed surgery on a big time soccer official. I guess a soccer ticket for an American fan was a small favor.

My special ticket

For some reason, I thought it would mostly be men at the game. I was wrong. Fans of all ages were there — even small children and frail señoras pumped their hands in the air. I really felt privileged to be at Nou Camp since it didn’t seem like many foreigners were attending the game.

© Stephanie Glaser

I spoke in caveman Spanish to the man sitting next to me. I told him how excited I was to be at the game.

“Me gusta fútbol de España mucho! (I like Spanish soccer a lot!) Soon he offered me sunflower seeds for a snack. We all sported our blue, yellow and red scarves around our necks and roared for “Barca.”

After the game was over, I headed to Las Ramblas. The entire city seemed to be jumping up and down and waving flags. I couldn’t experience this at a museum, cafe, market or park. I felt Catalan for a day.

© Stephanie Glaser

The Superbowl of Spain.

© Stephanie Glaser

Proudly showing the Catalan colors.

© Stephanie Glaser

Celebrating in the streets of Barcelona (Good thing Barca won!)

© Stephanie Glaser

Stopping traffic. No riots, no overturned vehicles — Now these are some fans (of course, their team did win.)

4 thoughts on “The Travel Ahh….Seeing Soccer in a Fútbol Nation

    • Fortunately, no — everyone was in high spirits and nothing radical happened. However, I don’t know what it may have been like if Barcelona had lost. Thanks for the question! Steph

    • Thank you, Nathan! El Clasico was fabuloso, indeed. I’ve been to some World Cup games, but nothing compared to this match up. Hope you get to see some big time soccer, too. Cheers!

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