Friday Funny Sign: Please Be More Selective When You Pee Here

© Heather Alderink

© Heather Alderink

St. Lucia, Caribbean Islands. My friend Heather sent this to me while she was on her honeymoon in the Caribbean. Love it!

6 thoughts on “Friday Funny Sign: Please Be More Selective When You Pee Here

  1. Oh dear, I am very indiscriminate about where I pee. I once had to do it in the back of the car in the lid of a sewing machine when i was stuck in a traffic jam on a motorway in England. There are blessings to having a car which is always full of rubbish you know. I love this photo that you have posted, the woman looks like she is shrugging does’nt she?!

    • I know — who knew stick people could be so expressive?! I think you’re very resourceful, Lottie! I also believe a car full of rubbish can be very handy. Thanks for the comment — 🙂

    • Hilarious sign from Chile! I love checking out signs and the translations are sometimes hysterical. Thanks for sharing and stopping by Travel Oops, Anita! Happy Travels. Steph

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