Travel Oops: The Unfortunate Photo — Really…that’s me out on the surfboard!

© Deborah Conroe

© Deborah Conroe 2010

Sydney, Australia. My most recent Oops story covered my attempts at surfing. While I was looking for photos for the post, I came across these images. Of course, I wanted evidence if I got up on the board during my first lesson. Kurt, my husband, was at our hotel while our daughter Kasey napped, so he was unavailable to snap photos.

I asked my friend Deb to take photos instead. I thought I had shown her the zoom function, but maybe not. When Deb told me that she got a picture, I envisioned an image of me looking badass on the board. What I didn’t expect was that you would not be able to identify me at all. I was grateful that Deb took photos, but Kurt probably could have looked out the window of our hotel and gotten the same shot. Below is an enlarged version in which you still can’t tell it’s me.

The larger version

The larger version

For some reason, my arm and hand look abnormally long in the photo above. Then I noticed that my once-again-extended arm looks quite short as I wave in the photo below.

© Kurt Glaser

© Deb Conroe

© Kurt Glaser

Kurt was back to take this photo. © Kurt Glaser

Kurt took this shot of me wearing a Manly Surf School rash guard at the end of the lesson. And I look, manly, indeed! I’m a bit broad-shouldered and I joke about my alter ego, Helga, the East German swimmer. Actually, I think I look a bit more like a less bulky Fabio with a shirt on.

5 thoughts on “Travel Oops: The Unfortunate Photo — Really…that’s me out on the surfboard!

  1. I am reminded of the pictures I took of my husband surfing down the sand dunes in NZ. The sun was in my eyes, so all I got was the dune, no one there. It`s a very long climb to the top. He wasn`t going to do it again for the photo op.

    • I didn’t realize how hard it was to take surfing photos until I tried to take them of my husband, Kurt, surfing at Port Noarlunga in SA. It’s hard to get a good action shot. I didn’t appreciate that my friend Deb had a bit of a hard task on her hands! Thanks for the comment.

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