Signs of the Times: Welcome to McDonald’s (but after 30 minutes, get the hell out!)

© Stephanie Glaser

© Stephanie Glaser

Las Vegas Strip, Nevada. I understand that on the Vegas strip, many people probably “linger” a bit longer than some businesses may like, but this sign is pretty clear. I also definitely get why you don’t want people who aren’t paying customers to hang out, but wow, if someone is enjoying a Big Mac bonanza, he or she should probably be allowed to at least begin the digestion process. I wonder if the people to which the sign is targeted think to themselves, “Wow, like the sign says, I’ve overstayed my “welcome,” I had better move on.”

© Stephanie Glaser

© Stephanie Glaser 2013

On the other hand, this Mickey D’s further down on the south side of the LV strip where it’s less populated and glitzy, has a sign that says, “Here’s where the party is People!!” Now here is a welcome sign. I’m lovin’ this one!

14 thoughts on “Signs of the Times: Welcome to McDonald’s (but after 30 minutes, get the hell out!)

    • McDonald’s and Subway must be on the same wavelength or must use the same sign makers, because I saw a Subway sign on the bathroom wall in written English and in Braille that said, “Employees must wash hands.”

  1. Wow, that sign is unbelievable! I think I would refuse to eat there just on principle. Since I am now (occasionally) looking at the world through Japanese glasses, a land where the customer service is always wonderful, a time limit for customers – especially such a short one – seems even more shocking to me.

    • It is pretty bad even for American standards. I get the “no loitering” but the “time limit” is pretty outrageous. And there’s not even a “thank you”! Thanks for your comment, Haruko-chan. I’m looking forward to encountering the hospitably of Japan some day!

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