Signs of the Times: Don’t Go Disco at Disneyland

Small World sign for no dancing on the rideDisneyland, Anaheim, CA, USA. Disneyland officials posted this inside the boat you ride into “A Small World.”  It’s a good thing, because that song is catchy when you hear it played over and over and over; you may be tempted to do “The Hustle” or “The Macarena.” I’m wondering, however, if the passengers in this “don’t” sign are really trying to bust out and escape rather than bust a move.


9 thoughts on “Signs of the Times: Don’t Go Disco at Disneyland

    • I know — I mean that song does get stuck in your head, but I can’t imagine jamming out to “It’s a Small World.” I guess, however, since the sign exists, someone had “boogie fever” at one point. Thanks, Hayley!

    • Thank you so much, Kavita! I’m very honored especially since I think you have such a fantastic blog and challenge your readers to think deeply and critically. Also, you have beautiful photos and stories about your travels. I’m so impressed with how you are a free spirit and go-getter. I’m sometimes slow about posting honors (I’m always afraid I’ll leave someone out), but I think this is wonderful and truly appreciate your nomination! Cheers, my friend! 🙂

      • no worries dear..I do understand the time constraint here that’s why awards are just another way to say “knock, knock..u have an amazing blog and guess what you are the creator of this amazing thing that will be left behind to tell others who you really are and how your life formed with your amazing thoughts”

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