Signs of the Times: At a loss for words….

cloud signs DIAThese “clouds” or “thought bubbles” are stationed along the exit of Denver International Airport in Colorado, USA. These have the potential to be really cool signs and make people think about….SOMETHING. But they are blank. Empty. Random.

The State of Colorado or City of Denver could easily use them as marketing tools. For example:  Cloud #1: It may be really flat right here… Cloud #2: But just wait…Cloud #3: We do have mountains, seriously.”

6 thoughts on “Signs of the Times: At a loss for words….

    • That could definitely be the case. Maybe they just want to remind everybody about “happy clouds.” An American artist, Bob Ross (who looked like he was stuck in the 1970s) used to have a show during which he’d teach viewers to draw landscapes and he’d alway add “happy clouds.”

    • Awesome! What a great sense of humor the shop has. There are so many funny signs out there (of course many of them unintentionally funny — even better). Thanks, James!

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