Signs of the Times: A real travel Oops

© Lottie Nevin

© Lottie Nevin

Bali, Indonesia. How cool is this photo of this restaurant, which I feel compelled to visit!? This pic was given to me by Lottie Nevin, who is a fantastic blogger and photographer. Her hilarious blog is one of my favorites, and I consider Lottie to be a dear friend. She has always encouraged and supported me. Thanks, Lottie!

12 thoughts on “Signs of the Times: A real travel Oops

  1. What a great start to my day, and what a wonderful surprise! Thank you dearest Steph for your kind words. I’m so chuffed that you’ve put the OOPS Bali photo up on your blog. Funnily enough I passed by there the other day and thought of you. Big hugs, Lottie XXXXX

    • I had to look up “chuffed,” and I’m so relieved it means “to be pleased.” I guess it sounds so close to “chafed.” I can’t believe I didn’t think to put this photo up earlier! I’m bummed I won’t get to meet you at Oops for Bintangs some day. I guess I’ll have to call you from some bar in Andalusia to join me for tapas and Sangria! xxxxxx

      • oh that wretched lost in translation thingy!! chuffed to bits – that’s what you say when you really like something a lot! There is still time for Bintangs at OOPS, Ubud, Bali but, what I’d really love is that you guys get over to Spain and come and stay with us in Andalucia. Did I mention that the bar is right next door to our new house?…..xxxxxxx

      • Awesome!! A visit to Spain sounds fantastic and the bar is right next door?! I seem to get better at speaking my primitive Spanish after I’ve had some alcohol…:)

    • Thank you, Terri! I really like the photo, too. I’m not sure where the restaurant it is — I know it’s close to Ubud. Lottie Nevin, who has a blog about her Indonesian adventures, gave me the photo. 🙂

    • James!! Thank you for referring me to your friend’s blog. I love the snake sign and the camera sign. Awesome!! Talk about an expressive stick figure — hilarious! Thanks again for letting me know about this. Cheers — Steph

  2. very nice capture as one of my friends love to take picture of sign boards usually with spelling mistake ..this reminded me of that although remotely connected 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend Steph

    • Kavita! Yes, I love this shot that my friend Lottie has shared with me. It’s quite special since it’s Oops and from Bali — one of my favorite places. Thank you for the message and so good to hear from you. Have a wonderful week. Cheers 🙂

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