Signs of the Times: See A Mountain Lion? Put Up Your Dukes…

© Stephanie Glaser

Utah and Colorado. Wildlife is great and all, and who doesn’t want to see animals in their natural habitat? There is something disconcerting, however, when you see these kinds of signs in the areas you will be camping or hiking. It’s even worse that the advice they post is pretty dang ridiculous — in that you’d actually be able to perform these death prevention techniques.

How to camp with bears in Colorado.

How to camp with bears in Colorado.

Bear sign

Isn’t this a bear sign that I’m looking at in the first place???



Mountain Lion rules

I love number 7. See below….

If you are attacked

© Mike Searson

© Mike Searson

Okay. Sure. I’ll fight back. NO WORRIES!

3 thoughts on “Signs of the Times: See A Mountain Lion? Put Up Your Dukes…

  1. Stephanie, we’ve done some tent camping in bear country, and I must admit, that I’m never totally comfortable (particularly at night, and particularly in grizzly country). The rule that I like is “Whatever you do, don’t run!” Like that’s gonna happen. If you want to read some scare the bejesus bear tales, you should check this out. Our blogging friend Curt, who’s an avid outdoorsman, and all around interesting guy, has had enough bear experiences to last 5 people a lifetime. (For example, he awoke and a bear was standing on his chest!!) To read a couple, check this out:

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