Signs of the Times: Happy Trails?  I think not…

YIkes! I don't think I'll go any further.

YIkes! I don’t think I’ll go any further.

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, USA.

This is one way to keep people from tromping off the path — and, really, ON the path as well. Notice in the photo below that there is a bench right in the poison ivy patch. Good thing poison ivy is a perennial.

I think I stand, from a distance, thank you!

Have a seat? I think I’ll stand, from a distance, thank you!

12 thoughts on “Signs of the Times: Happy Trails?  I think not…

    • I’m sure it’s good to go in sub zero temperatures — unless it’s a crazy strain of Minnesota poison ivy that thrives in arctic conditions. Thanks for the comment, Dad. 🙂

    • Kavita!

      Thank you for the comment. I’ve been doing well, thank you. Very busy — just like everyone, I know. I’ve been bad about keeping up Travel Oops. I’ve been doing some travel writing for other sites.

      I hope all is well with you! I bet you have so many things you’ve crossed off your list, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you do in 2014! Cheers, my friend 🙂

      • Thanks for writing Steph ..yes I bet you are busy..I am now relaxing and heading to Los Angeles for xmas finally and would be in Miami for New Year…my dream holiday for this year now after working hard on my bucket list…yes I would post a new bucket list (carrying some old things from this year) into my bucket list for 2014..Merry Christmas dear..and Happy new year…wish u a lot of happiness 🙂

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