Happy 2014 — Moving Forward

Kite skiing on Lake Minnetonka in Wayzata, MN

Kite skiing on Lake Minnetonka in Wayzata, MN

Wayzata, Minnesota. Ending the year by visiting my parents for the holidays, I was reminded how Minnesotans make the most of what they get — very cold, snowy winters. Instead of resenting the weather (after all, that’s why I moved from my home state to California two different times) I tried to look at all the positives, channel my inner Minnesotan and actually, embrace it.

That’s how I’m approaching 2014. I’m still trying to get my freelance travel writing career off the ground; I was lucky to have a few pieces published in 2013 and I’ve been writing for a new travel site called Maptia.

So Travel Oops took a bit of a hit toward the end of 2013. I found it hard to keep up with teaching, writing, spending time with my family and blogging. Hearing “MOM, you’re always on the computer!” was not reassuring.

That being said, I really want to get back to more regular posting and perusing the blogs I’ve become so fond of on WordPress. Definitely, I want to thank everybody for still tuning in and encouraging me. Really, the WP community is, by far, the most supportive group of writers!

As far as travel goes, I don’t have definite plans. I’m hoping to visit Vietnam to follow up on the story about the Vietnamese nail industry. We’ll see…

Thank you so much and Happy 2014! I’ll close with some more photos of Minnesota.

Motoring on Minnetonka

Motoring on Minnetonka, 2013.

drilling for ice fishing

Getting the ice ready for some fishing — Minnesota style. 2012

ice fishermen dragging sleds

Hauling the supplies to the ice house. 2012

Eddie and Kurt take a walk on the frozen side. 2013.

Eddie and Kurt take a walk on the frozen side. 2013.

kasey launching

Kasey launches! 2013.

Eddie launches! 2013.

Eddie launches! 2013.

peaking in at the lake

My nieces Claire (left) and Hayden (right) with Kasey (middle) checking out a window to the water world. 2013

lake at sunset

From the backyard of my parents’ house. 2013.

Wayzata at sunset

Wayzata at sunset. Goodbye 2013.

19 thoughts on “Happy 2014 — Moving Forward

  1. And a very Happy 2014 to you too, Missy Steph. I’m wishing you everything that you hope and wish for yourself this new year. I’m rooting for you with the Travel writing and really hope that it takes off in 2014 – You are a fabulous purveyor of words and you’d make a great travel writer, it’s a NO BRAINER! I second you on the great support of WP followers and friends, and I’m so happy to have met you on here. Onwards and upwards Steph! Travelling to infinity and beyond! XXX

  2. For a second I thought “that looks like fun”. Then I remembered IT’S COLD. Back to reality, don’t really miss it that much. But I sure enjoy your wintery stories.

    • Ana! Thanks for the comment (Yikes! I’m already behind in 2014).

      I know —  the fun looks deceptive because it is pretty darn cold. However, in little doses, it’s not too bad. Thanks again and Happy 2014! I hope your year is full of more photography and inspiration. Cheers — Steph

    • Terri! Yikes! I’m behind with responding to comments already in 2014. Thanks so much for your thoughts and New Year’s wishes. I hope all is well with you and James and that your year is full of many more adventures. I always love to read what you guys are up to! Cheers — Steph 🙂

  3. Good on you Steph, best wishes for the writing – I hope it snowballs (ho ho) from here given what you’ve already managed to accomplish. The pics are great – staying in a snowy landscape is very much a novelty for me but I imagine it could get very tiresome and challenging. Hope you all enjoy/ed your stay!

    • Thanks, Hayley! I’m a bit behind in responding to comments, but I hope you and Mike had a great New Year and I’m looking forward to catching up on more of your posts soon! Cheers.

  4. Gorgeous shots, my friend! And I can’t believe how much the kids have grown (all of them)! You had a stellar 2013, and I firmly believe it’s onwards and upwards from here 😀

  5. 2014 is well underway, but warm wishes to you anyway, Steph. 🙂 I can’t imagine how tough that cold has been this year. It looks like you’ve got a good start on your resolution of more frequent posting, too. Cheers!

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