Signs of the Times: Truth in advertising (albeit misspelled)

Trader Tad's

Buena Vista, Colorado, USA, February 2013

When Amy, a dear friend of mine from Australia, and her mum, Irene, came to visit in me rural Colorado, I needed to show them some entertainment — something they couldn’t find in Adelaide, SA. After going to Wal-Mart (which did not disappoint), we headed to BV and Trader Tad’s.

expect the unusual

Mind you we did not go inside — really the outside signs say it all. Actually, I was too scared to go inside. Since enough of my BVHS students had warned me about TT and his questionable state of mind, a quick drive-by was sufficient.

chair at Trader Tad's

We marveled at the home decor, which appeared to be a spray-painted patriotic porch chair and a pseudo wishing well/lemonade stand. Barbed wire, wagon wheels and creepy plastic horses on ropes seemed aplenty as well.

outside trader tad's

good stuffe

Although we missed out on the “good stuffe” on the inside, I’m fairly certain that Trader Tad doesn’t sell dictionaries. It’s a shame, actually, since there’s probably some manifesto writing going on somewhere in the vicinity.

be amazed

Truer words were never printed.

5 thoughts on “Signs of the Times: Truth in advertising (albeit misspelled)

  1. I remember this day like it was yesterday, instead of more than two years ago! That week we spent with you guys was so fun, and we can’t wait to do it again 😀😘

  2. You guys should have gone in Coolest Guy you would have ever met,
    He Passed away in Oct , 2014 He was a Strange creature, and Dear friend to many !!

    • I was saddened to hear Trader Tad had passed away — although I never met him, I heard many stories about what a character he was. Thank you for sharing your insights and for your comment.

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