Travel Ahh… Temple “Tufts,” “Curls” and Pagoda Points

kyoto pagodas at night

Kyoto, Japan 

Asia (Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia) 

One of the reasons I love Asia so much is because of the architecture — particularly when talking about temples and pagodas. Part of it is the atmosphere created by the devoted, everyday individuals and families who come to worship. I appreciate the sense of calm that pervades along with the burning incense, circling and wafting up to the temple ceilings and then on up to the skies. But also, I really love the tufts, curls and points of the building edges, sides and roofs. I’m sure there are probably more technical terms for these elements of the designs, but the soft, almost dreamy, connotations of “tufts” and “curls” seem quite fitting.

Vietnam (Cham Island, Hoi An)

Indonesia (Bali)

Japan (Kyoto, Osaka)

Vietnam (Hoi An)

Vietnam (Hue) 

Vietnam (Hanoi)

Japan (Kyoto) 

Vietnam (Hue) 

Japan (Tokyo, Sensō-ji Temple) 

Vietnam (Tay Ninh Province, Cao Dai Temple) 

Vietnam (Hue and Hanoi) 

Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City (Cholon) 

Vietnam (Hoi An)

Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City) 

Indonesia (Bali)

many bonsais bali

Indonesia (Bali)  

Royal temple bail

Indonesia (Bali) with my family in 2010.


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