The Friday Travel Ahh…

© Stephanie Glaser

As anyone who travels knows, there are missteps, mishaps and misadventures, but then there are those perfect moments when we say: “yeah, this is why I travel.” I’m choosing Fridays to be the Travel Ahh… day.

In honor of the Olympics kicking off in London today, here is a photo of my friend Debbie at Trafalgar Square. London was the first stop of our 1987 summer trip to Europe (without parents!)

Iconic as a central meeting place in London, Trafalgar Square also seems an appropriate symbol for a day when so many countries and cultures will come together. Speaking of coming together, strangely, only two pigeons appear in the photo when actually there were heaps of them all over the square that day.

4 thoughts on “The Friday Travel Ahh…

  1. To manage to take a photo of Trafalgar Square with only 2 pigeons in it Steph, is nothing short of a miracle! They are literally everywhere as you know! I watched the opening ceremony on tv this morning in Bali, and I have to say I felt quite proud. It was quite an amazing spectacle! Did you manage to see it?

    • Yes! I always love the opening ceremonies and the parade of athletes/nations. It was, indeed, spectacular and impressive. I definitely can see why you felt proud. It was very cool to see the British athletes come out in the end and hear the roar of the crowd. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the games and the stories about London that we will get in the US. I’m so glad you were able to see the ceremony in Bali.

      As always, thank you for your support, Lottie. I do think it was a feat to get only two pigeons in the photo. I don’t recall if we had scraps for the birds that day. But, clearly, we must not have had any food with us.

  2. I think we need to plan a “sister” trip somewhere! Anywhere! I’m sure we could create lots of new “Oops” and “Ahs” 🙂 XOXO

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