Gimme Shelter — In a Gaudí, Please

© Stephanie Glaser 1995

Dr. Suess. That was my first thought when I saw Antoni Gaudí’s buildings in Barcelona for the first time — especially Casa Batlló (above). After seeing Gaudí’s creations, I started paying more attention to architecture. These marvelous structures capture imagination. I love them. They also capture memories — especially the special cathedral, La Sagrada Família, which reminds me a drip castle that you can make at the beach by letting wet sand dribble from your hands into a pile. 

All three buildings featured in these photos are part of Gaudí’s works listed as World UNESCO Heritage Sites.

Casa Milà                                                                                                                                                            © Stephanie Glaser 1995

Casa Milà (above and below)

© Stephanie Glaser


© Stephanie Glaser

La Sagrada Família (the “drip castle”)

6 thoughts on “Gimme Shelter — In a Gaudí, Please

    • I was transfixed by anything Gaudi when I was in Barcelona — they’re all such unique structures. There is an amazing park, Park Güell, that is full of Gaudi structures and sculptures. Thanks for your comment, Leanne!

  1. Ahhh…. The exact three grand, amazing structures I would had gone to if I was aware of it then. I was in Spain in 2008 but failed to e plore these. Thanks for the share. Awesome images!

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