The Friday Funny Sign — Let’s go to the Beach — or maybe NOT!

© Stephanie Glaser 2011

Midcoast, Oregon. If the chilly water along the Oregon coast doesn’t scare you, the signs at the entrances of many of the beaches may. Not only is it great white shark territory, but large logs launch through the waves as well.

© Stephanie Glaser 2010

Semaphore, South Australia. Of course, this must be Australia and even a beach is a habitat for deadly snakes. YIKES! Of course, it’s worth the risk for the pristine beaches.

6 thoughts on “The Friday Funny Sign — Let’s go to the Beach — or maybe NOT!

    • I have to admit it was very intimidating. I basically waded up to my ankles at the coast in Oregon. As far as the beach in Australia, you get so used to the idea that deadly creatures are everywhere that you just try to find you denial happy place! Thanks for the comment, Debra!

      • I hear you on disregarding these signs when it comes to water! We used to swim off the beaches off South Australia, which I’m sure you know, is a favorite for great whites — luckily, I never saw one, but we would see the helicopters flying overhead looking to spot “Jaws” and friends.

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