Travel Oops: The Unfortunate Photo — Loving Our London Fogs

© Edward Schuck

Me, my sister, Suzie, and my mom, Judy. © Edward Schuck 1980

Monterrey, California, USA. I don’t think my dad took a photo from our family trip to San Francisco and the towns along Highway 1 in which we are not wearing our trench coats. Granted, the weather was fairly overcast and cloudy, but dang, we got more than our money’s worth with this rain-ready apparel. Clearly, I had a prominent Dutchboy bowl haircut.  Constantly being mistaken for a boy, I  definitely was in the awkward years.

© Edward Schuck 1980

© Edward Schuck 1980

Classic cable car shot: My sister and I look like we’re in a Rice-a-Roni — “The San Francisco Treat” ad. The guy in the red sweater and leather jacket brings some much-needed style into the photo.

© Stephanie Glaser

© Edward Schuck 1980

Chinatown, San Francisco has always been my favorite area in San Francisco — even at a young age.

© Edward Glaser 1980

© Edward Schuck 1980

© Edward Schuck 1980

© Edward Schuck 1980

Carmel, California.

4 thoughts on “Travel Oops: The Unfortunate Photo — Loving Our London Fogs

    • Yeah, I guess I should have clarified “style — at least for the 80s” When I see myself in that photo I look so monochromatic and dorky that anyone one wearing the least bit of color looks pretty snappy. My little sister even had more flair than I did. 🙂

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