Signs of the Times: Wildlife? Really?

© Stephanie Glaser

© Stephanie Glaser

Pikes Peak Parking Lot, Denver International Airport, United States. Often people think of Colorado as an idyllic setting  for wildlife. However, usually an airport parking lot is not part of the wildlife landscape. I guess you never know — some bunny or bird of prey with longing in their eyes may approach, prompting you to give them some “drive-thru” McDonald’s  morsels.

© Stephanie Glaser

Cars parked in the Pikes Peak parking lot © Stephanie Glaser

© Stephanie Glaser

Driving on plenty of wildlife friendly asphalt. © Stephanie Glaser

More wildlife signage….

Shark reef and convention ceterMandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, United States.  This sign just threw me off. If the Mandalay Bay really was located in a bay and not a desert, it would make perfect sense. However, this is in Vegas, where visitors should be surprised by nothing. And, of course, in all fairness, the hotel does have an impressive shark reef aquarium with 14 different exhibits.

And one more…

© Stephanie Glaser

© Stephanie Glaser

Fremantle, Western Australia. I just love the name of this brewing company. A wild boar is exactly the connotation of “feral” in American English. However, “feral” is a much more versatile adjective in Australian English. For example, “That group of year 8s you teach is feral.” (That was an actual statement a colleague said to me back in my teaching days in Oz.)

The feral pig population in Australia, apparently, surpassed that of humans a few years ago. I can’t imagine that the feral pig is a revered creature, so the name for Feral Brewing Company is interesting and pretty tongue-in-cheek. That’s what I like about Australians, and their “feral” beer is good, too.

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