The Unfortunate Photo: Flipping Off The Acropolis (not really)

Indira and I take a break from our sprint to the ferry to look at the Acropolis.

Indira and I take a break from our sprint to the ferry to look at the Acropolis in the distance.

Athens, Greece, 1995. After meeting up with my friend Indira at 3 a.m. in the Athens airport, we slept in a hotel for about 4 hours before getting up to catch a ferry to the Greek islands. Underestimating how long it would take to get to the ferry, we ended up sprinting to the port. However, we took a two-minute break so we could revel in the Acropolis. Two minutes, photo, done.

Because we spent all our time island hopping, I never made it back to the Acropolis. So this is my memory. Oh, and it appears that I’m giving the Acropolis “the bird” or maybe just the photographer. Actually, I was pointing with my index finger, but it looks, suspiciously, like my middle finger.

6 thoughts on “The Unfortunate Photo: Flipping Off The Acropolis (not really)

  1. That sprint to the port was epic! I’m still hoping to make it back to the Acropolis someday. Wanna pull an Eiffel Tower there someday?

    • Yes!! Let’s pull an Eiffel Tower in Athens. We need to travel again together, my friend. Thank you so much for the photos, by the way. It was great to relive the trip and the epic sprint. 🙂

  2. It’s kind of a blessing that you didn’t make it to the Acropolis or it’s environs. Had you done so, you might very well have stopped off at the little taverna that I did afterwards. In which case you would have suffered the worst shits and puking episode of your life. I felt so wretched that I thought I might die! I’ve never touched moussaka since. Oh, and I had a ferry to catch! 😀

    • Oh, man, Lottie! Yes, I guess it’s a good thing that we didn’t go since I probably would have wanted to stop at the little taverna. I can’t imagine riding on one of the ferries while feeling so heinous. Yikes. You are one of the biggest travel troopers I know!

  3. Reading this story about Athens reminds me of a documentary I saw just yesterday. It seems like things are not going very well for many people in Athens at the moment… You might not recognize the place if you’d visit it now, I guess (unfortunately).

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