Gimme Shelter — The “Bonsai Tree” Temple in Bali

© Stephanie Glaser

Pura Taman Ayun Temple — or the Royal Temple of Mengwi in Bali, has structures that remind me of neatly groomed bonsai trees. I realize that does not sound technical, but who wants to sound technical when talking about such a spiritual and serene place? Balinese Hindu Temples have a calming effect — especially since the settings for many of these religious sites involve water. This beautiful open-air temple complex includes a moat, garden, terraced courtyards and holy shrines.

© Stephanie Glaser

The architecture is stunning at Taman Ayun, which has various translations. Some I found are “beautiful garden”, “garden of the mind” and “garden temple in the water.” All of these phrases fit. However, to my kids Eddie and Kasey it’s: “Not another temple!”

Kurt, Eddie, Steph and Kasey at the entrance of the temple
© Stephanie Glaser

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