Travel Oops’s Friday Funny Sign: Keeping it Real (they know their stuffed elk is dead, right?)

© Stephanie Glaser

© Stephanie Glaser 2013

Poncha Springs, Colorado. Hunting is a prevalent activity in the west, and many hunters turn to taxidermists to display the ultimate evidence of their favorite pastime. Of course, as most people know, the animal is dead and stuffed.

I realize Real Wilderness Taxidermy’s sign uses quotes for “real,” but this still just doesn’t seem like the best word choice. In fact, they could substitute “lifelike” for real. That would even create some parallelism with “lifetime.” As a geeky English teacher, this makes perfect sense to me.

The other interesting choice of words is “wildlife viewing” (on the sign below.) Although it would be one of the best examples of irony ever, I want to assume there is not an animal refuge out behind this building. So, I’m guessing “viewing” means you are watching the animal get skinned and stuffed?? Indeed, the process is a serious science, but it still seems a bit unsettling to watch, especially when it involves terms like “body cavity.”

© Stephanie Glaser 2013

© Stephanie Glaser 2013

© Stephanie Glaser 2013

© Stephanie Glaser 2013

3 thoughts on “Travel Oops’s Friday Funny Sign: Keeping it Real (they know their stuffed elk is dead, right?)

  1. This sign cracked me up when we drove past it – I’ve never seen anything like it :O Makes me wonder also what they mean by ‘wildlife’ viewing … and I also wonder where they got all the antlers from. I mean, did someone bring in a deer they wanted stuffed and then say, “Oh, but you don’t need to put the antlers back on!” Are there stuffed deer in Chaffee County ‘running’ around without their antlers?? Weird …

    • Antlers are typically the reason to get the animal stuffed to begin with. I’m going to assume that the pile of antlers are “sheds” or antlers that people have found while out walking around. Deer antlers fall off at the end of the year and then grow back in the spring. There are entirely too many stuffed heads with antlers attached AND loose antlers in this house for me not to know this!

      • Just so you know, I’m using all of these blog posts to make my list of places to take you when you visit. I’ve decided the list needs a column that is dedicated to “If you thought that was weird, wait ’till you see this!”

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