Travel Oops’s Friday Funny Sign: Keeping it Real (they know their stuffed elk is dead, right?)

© Stephanie Glaser

© Stephanie Glaser 2013

Poncha Springs, Colorado. Hunting is a prevalent activity in the west, and many hunters turn to taxidermists to display the ultimate evidence of their favorite pastime. Of course, as most people know, the animal is dead and stuffed.

I realize Real Wilderness Taxidermy’s sign uses quotes for “real,” but this still just doesn’t seem like the best word choice. In fact, they could substitute “lifelike” for real. That would even create some parallelism with “lifetime.” As a geeky English teacher, this makes perfect sense to me.

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The Friday Funny Sign — Whoa! A Storage Unit for Hannibal Lecter?

© Stephanie Glaser

I did a double take BIG Time when I first saw this sign. YIKES. They sell BONES??? And units are available — what might be in the units? Don’t want to know.

Because that would be way too twisted to actually advertise the availability of bones (let alone have a business that sells them), the sign requires closer examination. When you see the sign from the correct angle, it says, We Sell Boxes.  However, when you first drive into the commercial site where this storage business is located, that is NOT how the sign reads. Time to choose another font.

© Stephanie Glaser