Signs of the Times: Truth in advertising (albeit misspelled)

Trader Tad's

Buena Vista, Colorado, USA, February 2013

When Amy, a dear friend of mine from Australia, and her mum, Irene, came to visit in me rural Colorado, I needed to show them some entertainment — something they couldn’t find in Adelaide, SA. After going to Wal-Mart (which did not disappoint), we headed to BV and Trader Tad’s.

expect the unusual

Mind you we did not go inside — really the outside signs say it all. Actually, I was too scared to go inside. Since enough of my BVHS students had warned me about TT and his questionable state of mind, a quick drive-by was sufficient.

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The Travel Hmm…Abandoned Buildings and Properties

I wonder what prices were listed on this gas station sign outside Leadville, Colorado

I wonder what gas prices were at the time this sign was in action at a former gas station outside Leadville, Colorado.

The Travel Hmm... is a new feature on Travel Oops. Basically, the feature will highlight anything that makes you go “hmmm…I wonder…” Abandoned buildings and properties fit in that category for me. My imagination seems constantly to need fodder. An abandoned building always has a story. Here are a few photos of buildings and properties that pique my curiosity and make me wonder.

You can still enjoy fantastic views while reclining in a  favorite chair that remains in this wooden cabin.

You can still enjoy fantastic views while reclining in a favorite chair that remains in this wooden cabin.

Leadville, Colorado, USA.

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The Travel Ahh….

© Stephanie Glaser

As anyone who travels knows, there are missteps, mishaps and misadventures, but then there are those perfect moments when we say: “Yeah, this is why I travel.” A Travel Ahh…

These photos are of aspen trees outside of Aspen, Colorado. Fall colors come early in the mountains of Colorado, and Kurt, the kids and I usually go on a drive to see the trees in their glory. I remember when I first moved to CO, I kept thinking, “This is pretty, but really, is this it? Where are all the other vibrant colors like the bright oranges and reds?” 

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The Friday Funny Sign — Picnic in a Prison Park?

Travel Oops is introducing another new feature: “The Friday Funny Sign.” Whether they have a unique translation, bizarre concept or just grab your attention, signs can be a huge source of entertainment while traveling. Consequently, Travel Oops will showcase funny or unusual signs. 

This photo is from the Colorado Territorial Correctional Facility (CTCF) in Cañon City, CO. Having a park, gift shop and museum right next to the actual prison just seems so out of place. If you look closely, you can see razor wire in the background of the photo.

In all fairness, I haven’t been to the park, museum or gift shop; it all could be lovely. Up until the 1990’s, the CTCF housed Colorado’s death row. As a result, there is some history, but wow — a family picnic at the Prison Park??? And the gift shop?? What do they sell? An electrical switch or hand cuffs, striped apparel?? I suppose ultimately, you would be somewhat safe, since no escapee would hang out at the gift shop or park next to a prison, and there would be plenty of security….but….again, hmmm.

Actually, it would be interesting just to check it out and have a picnic there so you could say you had done it. 

Hiking the “Mountain Goat Gauntlet” in Colorado

The trail meant only for hooves.
© Stephanie Glaser

As I looked back at the mountainside “trail” I had just clung to and shimmied along, I decided that it was meant only for hooves — either hooves of mountain goats or hooves of some demonic creature. This was the “Hike to Hell.” At certain points, the path just blended in with the crags and ridges of the mountain and appeared to be completely sheer.

While making my way, I hugged any jutting rock cluster, trying to ignore the fact that when small rocks became dislodged and fell, you did not hear them land. Occasionally, you would hear one skitter down the side for a few feet and then there was nothing but silence.

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