Signs of the Times: Truth in advertising (albeit misspelled)

Trader Tad's

Buena Vista, Colorado, USA, February 2013

When Amy, a dear friend of mine from Australia, and her mum, Irene, came to visit in me rural Colorado, I needed to show them some entertainment — something they couldn’t find in Adelaide, SA. After going to Wal-Mart (which did not disappoint), we headed to BV and Trader Tad’s.

expect the unusual

Mind you we did not go inside — really the outside signs say it all. Actually, I was too scared to go inside. Since enough of my BVHS students had warned me about TT and his questionable state of mind, a quick drive-by was sufficient.

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Signs of the Times: Stick Figures in Action

I’m a big fan of stick figure signs, especially when the stick figures have a personality. While never having been electrocuted — just minor tingling when I tried to unplug my hair dryer with a wet hand — I’m guessing the second sign is a more accurate depiction of what it’s like to touch a high voltage power box.

Sign One (sorry about the blurriness)

This stick figure could easily be on a caution sign as someone climbing, dancing, falling off a swing etc.

This stick figure could easily be on a caution sign as someone climbing, dancing, falling off a swing etc.

Sign Two

Now here is someone that accurately reflects (I think) being electrocuted.

Now here is someone that accurately reflects (I think) being electrocuted. Plus, how evil high voltage can be!

Signs of the Times: Happy Trails?  I think not…

YIkes! I don't think I'll go any further.

YIkes! I don’t think I’ll go any further.

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, USA.

This is one way to keep people from tromping off the path — and, really, ON the path as well. Notice in the photo below that there is a bench right in the poison ivy patch. Good thing poison ivy is a perennial.

I think I stand, from a distance, thank you!

Have a seat? I think I’ll stand, from a distance, thank you!

Signs of the Times: Time to get the crane for this one…

Nothing to misinterpret here.

Nothing to misinterpret here.

Port Adelaide, South Australia. I’ve found that Australians tell it like it is. They say what they mean, so better bend your knees and lift from the legs on this one  — or get a crane.

The super heavy container.

The super heavy container.

Signs of the Times: Travel Poops (sorry, I couldn’t help the pun…)

A friendly clean up your dog's poop sign

This is sort of the hippie make-love-not-poop (but if you do, it’s okay) sign.

From gentle reminders to accusations of destroying civilization, signs are everywhere prompting people to clean up their dogs’ poops. (Sérieusement, Paris, France, écoutez-vous?)

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Signs of the Times: “Sorry, Christ the Redeemer, You are not Authorized”

© Stephanie Glaser

© Stephanie Glaser

Ski Cooper, Colorado. When I first saw this sign, I immediately thought of the famous Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor) statue in Rio de Janeiro. Really, the sign, I believe, is meant to say children or babies are not allowed. Then, I thought how would a baby even walk over there and open the door in the first place.

© Cyro A. Silva

© Cyro A. Silva

The Friday Funny Sign — Low-Cal Rooster or Anatomical Unit?

© Jane Whitmer

The sign begins so formally, and then…..

I almost think the “Aerated Drink” label is as funny as the “Diet Cock.”

Thanks to Jane Whitmer for this photo she took in India. 

The Friday Funny Sign

© Stephanie Glaser

This photo doesn’t really need any explanation. My sister and I saw this Rep. for Viagra in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We immediately needed to have a photo. The Viagra Guy had no problem with this. Little does he know his promotion efforts are now online. Hopefully, it helps business.

Friday Funny Sign — Aged and Aged Quite Well, I Might Add

© Stephanie Glaser

When I first saw this sign in Adelaide, Australia, it caught my attention since we don’t have signs like this identifying the elderly in the US, or at least I’ve never seen one. The funny thing to me is that the two figures have aged quite well, indeed!

They look quite spry — just as they did when they were school kids. Although the books must be too heavy for them now — or perhaps they read using their I-Phones or Kindles.

© Stephanie Glaser

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The Friday Funny Sign — A Special Place for the Intoxicated?

© Stephanie Glaser

Kurt and I spotted this during an Australian Rules Football game at Adelaide’s AMMI Stadium in Australia. I’m not sure if there’s any other connotation for “passing out” other than keeling over from too much drinking or perhaps “exhaustion.” I’m guessing “pass out” is another way to phrase “exit.” So Australians may not get a chuckle out of this photo.

However, I think it’s pretty funny to consider it as an area for people who are falling down drunk.  Really, it’s quite considerate of AMMI to provide a dark, somewhat private area for “resting” and a large garbage/rubbish container in case a person needs to “toss their cookies” (or “toss their biscuits” in Australian.)