The Friday Funny Sign — A Special Place for the Intoxicated?

© Stephanie Glaser

Kurt and I spotted this during an Australian Rules Football game at Adelaide’s AMMI Stadium in Australia. I’m not sure if there’s any other connotation for “passing out” other than keeling over from too much drinking or perhaps “exhaustion.” I’m guessing “pass out” is another way to phrase “exit.” So Australians may not get a chuckle out of this photo.

However, I think it’s pretty funny to consider it as an area for people who are falling down drunk.  Really, it’s quite considerate of AMMI to provide a dark, somewhat private area for “resting” and a large garbage/rubbish container in case a person needs to “toss their cookies” (or “toss their biscuits” in Australian.)

8 thoughts on “The Friday Funny Sign — A Special Place for the Intoxicated?

  1. Having been to AAMI Stadium, and having seen the drunks you refer to, the term “PASS OUT GATE” is more than appropriate – except they’d need that at most gates! LOL And you gotta love that strategically placed wheelie bin!

    • Yes, I totally agree. We’ve hung out with some of those drunks and done a bit of drinking ourselves at AAMI. Kurt bonded with some hammered fans from Hawthorn and I thought they were going to adopt us at one point. Yes, I love the wheelie bin — probably some pissed fans have even used it, I’m guessing! 🙂

      Thanks for the comment my friend!

  2. There for the grace of God go I!! but I guess it’s better than passing out on the street 🙂 Steph, I was in Ubud this week, and whilst walking around happened to spot a bar called ‘OOPs’ I immediately thought of you! I’ve taken a photo of it but my laptop is being really arsey and won’t let me download stuff. As soon as it’s fixed I shall send it to you. Can you give me your email address please? my contact details are on my blog xxx

  3. Yes, I thought it was rather responsible of AAMI Stadium to have a designated drunk spot!

    I’m so excited by your find, Lottie! I can’t believe there’s an OOPs bar in Ubud (one of my favorite spots in the world!) Doubly good news! 🙂 I knew that I had a deeper connection to Bali than just being a visitor. Thanks for thinking of me and taking the photo! My e-mail is Thank you again, Lottie! xoxox

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