The Friday Funny Sign

© Stephanie Glaser

This photo doesn’t really need any explanation. My sister and I saw this Rep. for Viagra in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We immediately needed to have a photo. The Viagra Guy had no problem with this. Little does he know his promotion efforts are now online. Hopefully, it helps business.

3 thoughts on “The Friday Funny Sign

  1. Fantastic photo! My second husband (the biggest mistake of my life one)( the permanently aroused one) once bought some viagra online. Within 20 minutes of taking the little blue pill he suddenly started to turn bright red. HIs face became the colour of a beetroot, his chest went crimson, and his legs and arms became covered in red blotches. And yes, it made him really hot, but not in the way that it’s supposed to. Did he get an erection? yes he did but he looked so awful and was so hot and sweaty, that I think that I jumped out of bed and ran a mile….thanks for the memory Steff!! xxx

  2. I swear, Lottie, you need to be running Travel Oops because my stories pale in comparison with how funny yours are! I love this one — that is hilarious that he was literally “hot and bothered.”

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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