The Travel Ahh….

© Stephanie Glaser

As anyone who travels knows, there are missteps, mishaps and misadventures, but then there are those perfect moments when we say: “Yeah, this is why I travel.” A Travel Ahh…

These photos are of aspen trees outside of Aspen, Colorado. Fall colors come early in the mountains of Colorado, and Kurt, the kids and I usually go on a drive to see the trees in their glory. I remember when I first moved to CO, I kept thinking, “This is pretty, but really, is this it? Where are all the other vibrant colors like the bright oranges and reds?” 

Now, I have come to appreciate the beauty of the various shades of yellow leaves contrasting with the white tree trunks. The scenes are not the typical ones of fall that come out of the Midwest and the East, but they are special nevertheless.

© Stephanie Glaser

© Stephanie Glaser

This set of aspens is near Shavano Mountain in Chaffee County, CO. © Stephanie Glaser

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