Travel Oops: Unfortunate Photos Complete with Unfortunate Fashion

© Edward Schuck

Feeling French in my pea coat, scarf and LeSportsac while my sister Suz looks fairly normal. © Edward Schuck 1985

This series of photos is unfortunate in so many ways. First there is the fact that my overexposed sister Suzanne and I, along with our bad 80’s perms, essentially block out and overshadow the Eiffel Tower. Then, we are wearing some pretty atrocious coats. Actually, I’m really the one who is wearing a rejected carpet remnant.

Apparently, however, we were “fashion forward” because our attire didn’t hold us back from posing on a Parisian balcony.

© Edward Schuck 1985

© Edward Schuck 1985

© Edward Schuck 1985

© Edward Schuck 1985

Bad perms and braces.

11 thoughts on “Travel Oops: Unfortunate Photos Complete with Unfortunate Fashion

  1. The spiral perm was a big thing here in the early ’90s … my 21st birthday photos captured that unfortunate era unfortunately quite well! At least I was done with braces by then. I do like your colour coordinated gloves, scarf and bag 😉

    • Thanks, Katy — I must say that in another photo from this same trip, I have these ankle boots with my jeans tucked in and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the same boots walking around in the high school where I teach! By the way, I didn’t really follow the correct order, and I didn’t let you know first before I posted the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award post that, hey, I nominated you and your cool blog! Cheers, Steph 🙂

    • They probably were — I remember when my hair bleached out in the summer and a guy told me my hair looked like Madonna’s…whoa, that comment kept me going all the way through the 80’s. 🙂

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