Travel Oops: The Unfortunate Photo —Is that Vomit in the Viewfinder?


With digital cameras, it’s so easy to delete photos with mistakes or unwanted shots. Sometimes those pics can be gems, however. At the very least, they may be a reminder about a funny incident or the challenge to get the photo in the first place. So Travel Oops has a new feature: “The Unfortunate Photo!” 

Melbourne,  Australia (above). I really wanted a family photo with a cityscape of Melbourne in the background. We chose a bit of an awkward spot in terms of getting several buildings in the shot. My friend Anne took the picture and was definitely intent on getting the right angle.

Unfortunately, with that angle, she also inadvertently included a pile of barf, which we had almost stepped in moments before. It caught my eye after I picked up the developed shots, and now it’s really the only thing I see when I look at the photo. It cracks me up each time.

5 thoughts on “Travel Oops: The Unfortunate Photo —Is that Vomit in the Viewfinder?

    • Pretty gross, isn’t it? Not the classiest post. It’s funny because my friend Anne was trying to get a good family shot that we could potentially use for a Christmas photo. I think because my daughter Kasey was so small, it was difficult to get a good angle with both her and the skyscrapers in the photo. Consequently, the very wide shot. I had no idea the fluid was in the picture until I got the photos back. We do have a nice cropped shot of this photo — sans barf — that is framed. Thanks for the comment, Debra.

  1. Well, it shows another facet of the city. 😉 I was thinking of doing a blog about Budapest “barf art”, “pee designs”, and “dog poop sculpture”, because there’s so much of it in the streets. But I gag every time I look at it, so I don’t think I could take photos.

    • I totally agree, Julie — this is the “grit” of the city, right? I think that’s a hilarious idea for a blog or even series of posts about barf art, pee designs and poop sculpture! But, yeah, the photography for that might be a bit nauseating! 🙂

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