Sign of the Times: Think of Your “Happy Place” — The Impound Lot

© Stephanie Glaser

© Stephanie Glaser

Colorado, USA: You have to love it when traffic sign writers use sarcasm. This one, in particular, caught my eye. Definitely, by conjuring up an image of my minivan being towed, I thought twice about parking in this spot.

Visualize being towed

7 thoughts on “Sign of the Times: Think of Your “Happy Place” — The Impound Lot

  1. There is nothing more annoying and humiliating than having to go and retrieve your motor from a car pound. A it’s a bore, B it’s a chore and C it’s very expensive! I know, I’ve had to do it twice!!

    • I sooo hear you, Lottie. I had my car towed during the aftermath of a blizzard when the city of Minneapolis typically goes ballistic towing cars so the plows can get through. Fair enough although it was a huge pain!

  2. Great sign. Probably works better than a regular one too. Back when my kids showed horses at the county fair, we found that a sign on the stall saying “I Bite” only encouraged people to stick their fingers through the bars to see if the pony really would bite them. (And he would – bit someone every fair.) So we changed it to “Fingers Are Tasty, Can I Have Yours?” Which worked far better at keeping random people’s fingers out of the pony’s teeth.

    • Thank you for the comment! That is hilarious how you and your kids modified your sign for your horse that had chomping tendencies. Very funny and thanks for sharing that! I think you’re right in that people respond to a statement that’s a little out of the ordinary. Cheers!

  3. I actually like this sign, because it makes people think about the consequences of their actions a lot more than just a ‘P’ with a red line through would. I bet few people get towed!

    • Definitely — I pulled into the parking lot of this lumber business because I needed to turn around, and the sign caught my eye and caught me off guard right away. I got out of my car and took a photo of it immediately!

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