Signs of the Times: “Leave your fancy footwear behind — oh, and your feet, too.”

© Sue Browne 2013

© Sue Browne 2013

Yangon, Myanmar. I love this sign, and it’s actually pretty famous in terms of funny mistranslations from around the world. Good family friends visited Burma earlier this year and took this photo. I’ve since seen it in Lonely Planet’s Signspotting and other blogs. I think it goes particularly well with the photo below.

© Stephanie Glaser 2013

© Stephanie Glaser 2013

McDonald’s, Colorado Springs, CO, USA. This completely cracked me up. I can’t imagine running in heels after toddlers in the first place. In fact, I only started wearing wedge sandals and heels occasionally when with my kids about one year ago (and only on completely sturdy surfaces.) Being a geeky English teacher, I also noticed that an unnecessary apostrophe appears with Moms. The poor apostrophe — it’s so misused. However, that’s a different post.  

11 thoughts on “Signs of the Times: “Leave your fancy footwear behind — oh, and your feet, too.”

    • Thanks for the comment, Debra. I’ve been seeing apostrophes misused to make nouns plural all over the place lately. It does drive me crazy. I love the first sign, too!

    • Thanks for checking out the post, Rynna! Do you mean signs with misused apostrophes or mistranslated signs? I’m just curious — maybe I need to come to Singapore to take some photos of signs! Thanks again. Cheers.

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