Travel Ahh…Sunrise and Dust Bunny Clouds Somewhere over the South Pacific

© Stephanie Glaser

© Stephanie Glaser 2013

Around Fiji, Oceania. Changing several time zones forces you to be a morning person. Generally, I don’t have an AM nature, but I don’t mind turning into a morning person thousands of miles from home. Reason? Sunrises. I took these photos, which are pretty grainy, yesterday on my way to Australia (more on this later). I love that the clouds look like collections of lint balls or dust bunnies.

I’m so psyched to be back Down Under. Posts on Travel Oops may be a bit sporadic and random for the next two weeks. Also, I’m behind in answering comments as well commenting and checking out all the Reader and all the great posts out there! In the meantime, I’ll be gathering material…

emerging sunset 2

It’s on its way…© Stephanie Glaser 2013

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